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Suppressant Systems

Sonic Fire & Security Can Provide and Install:

  • Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Stands And Holders

Extinguishing & Suppressant Systems

Sonic Fire and Security Ltd can integrate fire extinguishing systems into any fire detection and fire alarm system. These fire extinguishing systems and fire suppressant systems are designed to provide a rapid response to the fire hazard by flooding the area with the correct fire suppressing solution. Different solutions include water mist, foams, powder, CO2, inert gases and clean gaseous solutions. Our fire alarm systems can be installed with fire extinguishers and other fire extinguisher systems.

Water Fire Extinguishing Systems

Water Fire Extinguishing Systems are used for paper, wood, fabric and textile related fires. All our water fire extinguishers supply the standard fire rating of 13A and are available in stored pressure or cartridge operated versions.

Water Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing Systems

Sonic Fire and Security Ltd also install water sprinkler systems and are designed and installed in accordance with LPC rules.

Aqueous Film Forming Fire Extinguishing Foam (AFFF)

These are perfect for when either A or B class fires are a risk. Foam extinguishers combine the smothering effect of AFFF and cooling effect of a water fire extinguisher, which makes them the perfect choice for dealing with flammable liquid fires.

Chemical Agent Fish Extinguishing System

Sonic Fire and Security Ltd can provide FM200 which is a gaseous agent. It will prove an effective protection against Class A, Class B and electrical fires and is especially suited for computer suites, control rooms, stores and, medical equipment.

Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems

Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems are a highly flexible solution for Class A, B & C fires. As well as being a highly effective way of dealing with electrical fires, flammable liquid fires and gas related fires, powder fire extinguishers are also a highly effective solution for fires dealing with motor vehicles.

Inert Gas Fixed Extinguishing Systems

Inert Gas Fixed Extinguishing Systems are most effective against fires in virtually all combustible materials and flammable liquid fires and where you 

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